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One day, math major Robert Niemeyer asked his professor for guidance. The next thing he knew, Robert was involved in a research project simulating orbits of a mathematical curve called the Koch snowflake. Now he’s published.

Want to Get Involved? Just Ask

Robert’s undergraduate research experience gave him the confidence and insight necessary for his future. He gained a mentor. So can you.

UCR offers you opportunities that some other major universities won’t: the chance to do research as an undergraduate. Now.

To get started, talk to an adviser in your department or program who will help you understand how you can combine your interest with your major. Or, take initiative by developing an idea and finding a faculty member who might be interested in supervising your research project. UCR’s department websites list the research interests of each faculty member.

Resources for Undergraduate Research

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Want to learn more? The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has a great deal of information to get you started. Regardless of your interests, there is a research opportunity at UCR that is right for you.

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