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Academic Resources

UCR offers current students expansive in-person and online tools for deeper learning. From drop-in tutoring to study lounges and one of the largest research libraries in the nation, everything you need to excel in your learning is right at your fingertips.

Take advantage of one-on-one tutoring sessions to tackle your projects, dive deeper into your favorite subject with supplemental instruction and find a major that propels your passions. It’s all here for you! 

Succeed in your studies. Thrive in your experience.

  • Academic Resource Center

    All of the tools you need to succeed in your college classes can be found right here on campus. The Academic Resource Center is comprised of educators, counselors and advanced students who are here to help you grow, learn and discover.

    Services available include:

    • Drop in tutoring.
    • Study skills.
    • Supplemental Instruction.
    • Fully equipped study lounges.
  • Libraries

    UC Riverside libraries are among the largest academic research libraries in the United States, with one of the UC systems’ most complete collections. With over 2 million volumes, 28,000 print and electronic serial subscriptions, 1.7 million microforms, 300,000 government information sources, and access to 165,000 e-books, we’re ready to connect you with the resources you need, right when you need them.

  • Majors, Minors & Programs

    Within our three schools (Bourns College of Engineering, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, and College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences), the university offers majors ranging from art to anthropology, botany to business administration, English to environmental science, and mechanical engineering to music. UC Riverside isn't just a world-class university, it's your college of choice. Find out more about our academic programs.


There’s no time like college to get inspired by new learning environments! UCR offers dynamic opportunities on campus and abroad to help you discover new interests, expand your studies and learn more about your favorite subjects along the way.

From immersive summer sessions to global adventure opportunities, UCR is a gateway to new experiences that ignite your curiosity, creativity and community impact. No matter your major or area of interest, we’ll connect you to unforgettable opportunities that will shape your education.

  • Summer Sessions

    The UCR Summer Sessions Program is comprised of 8 different sessions, ranging from 3 weeks to 10 weeks in length. Summer courses are held during the day and in the evening, with material and content identical to courses offered during the regular school year. With 450 courses available, you can take these high-demand classes in a more relaxed atmosphere. Find out more about enrolling in our Summer Session courses.

  • Summer Study Abroad Program

    Experience spending the summer abroad while staying on track to graduate! UCR’s Summer Study Abroad Program offers UCR general catalog courses taught by UCR faculty in an international location. Including 5 weeks of cultural immersion while you deepen your learning, a global adventure awaits. Learn more about this unique opportunity to spend your summer studying abroad.

  • Education Abroad Program and Opportunities Abroad Program

    Join more than 4,500 University of California students who live and learn across the globe. Offered in partnership with more than 140 universities in 35 countries, UCR’s unparalleled Education Abroad Program and Opportunities Abroad Programs offer exciting opportunities to deepen your studies, expand your perspective, and become immersed in cultural experiences you’ll never forget.

  • UC Center at Sacramento

    Take advantage of hands-on learning and research opportunities in California's public policy arena through the UC Center at Sacramento. There are two integrated programs offered, academic policy and journalism, to help enrich your professional success. Chosen applicants will live and learn in Sacramento through an internship within the Capitol's policy community. Learn more about this resume-building, life-changing opportunity.

Campus Services

We are dedicated to ensuring UC Riverside is a great place to live, learn, and build community. With one of the most self-sustained UC campuses, we have the full spectrum of services you need to thrive throughout your education here.

From housing services to wellness programs and the UCR Campus Store, the amenities we offer help you feel right at home... and proud to be a Highlander! 

  • Campus Safety

    At UCR, your safety is our priority. Campus Safety Escort Service, the Campus Emergency Notification System and Environmental Health and Safety are here to keep our campus and students safe 24/7.

  • Career Center

    UC Riverside’s Career Center provides students and alumni with access to an extensive job database, career counseling, resume advice and interview coaching, as well as workshop and job fair alerts.

  • Early Childhood Services

    Early Childhood Services provides a safe, nurturing environment for the children of UCR students, staff and faculty. The center has programs for children ages 4 months to kindergarten.

  • UCR Dining, Hospitality & Retail Services

    UCR Dining, Hospitality & Retail Services provides the campus with great food, as well as a variety of locations to relax, socialize and study. From the dining halls to our retail locations, we offer high-quality and healthy dining options in friendly, welcoming environments. UCR Dining, Hospitality & Retail Services provides the campus with great food, as well as a variety of locations to relax, socialize and study. From the dining halls to our retail locations, we offer high-quality and healthy dining options in friendly, welcoming environments.​​​​​​​

  • Ethnic & Gender Program Offices

    The Ethnic and Gender Program Offices feature student support services, community involvement initiatives, multi-cultural events and leadership training. These engaging opportunities allow students to explore cultural growth and development, and to build the skills required to lead and succeed in a diverse world.

  • Health, Fitness, & Wellbeing

    Among students, staff and faculty alike, UCR promotes a vibrant, healthy and balanced lifestyle. We have several integrated wellness programs that foster a culture of health and wellness and encourage activities that help you achieve optimal quality of life.

  • Housing Services

    UCR Housing Services provides students with safe, convenient housing to help you establish your college community. We offer three housing styles — residence halls, campus apartments and family housing — to meet the needs of all UCR students. Each housing type provides countless opportunities to participate in activities that enrich your college experience. Our on-call housing staff, supported by the campus police force, are committed to providing our residents with a friendly, secure environment.

  • International Services

    The International Resources website features a variety of resources for students seeking information on international programs here at UCR, as well as other opportunities around the globe.

  • Financial Aid

    86% of our students use financial aid, both undergraduate and graduate populations, for the duration of their tenure here at UCR.
    Learn more about financial aid at UCR. 

  • UCR Campus Store

    The UCR Campus Store is your best choice for textbooks and UCR merchandise. You’ll find the complete booklist for all of your classes, as well as the largest selection of UCR apparel, school spirit items and gifts. Visit CompUCR for tech gear that supports your campus life, from electronics to computers to software and supplies!

  • R'Card

    Your R’Card is your single most important piece of student identification.

    This multi-purpose ID allows you to:

    • Verify your identity on campus and in the community.
    • Pay for meals.
    • Borrow books from the library.
    • Gain access to the Student Recreation Center (SRC).
    • Get into UCR home athletic events.
    • Gain access to some campus buildings.
    • Make purchases on campus using “Bear Bucks.”
    • Use vending machines, laundry services, and copy machines.
    • Ride the Riverside Transit Agency bus for free.
    • Use registrar services.