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Man writing formulae.

Why do prescription medications help some people, but have no impact on others when administered at the same dosage?
Sean Cutler, UCR assistant professor of plant cell biology at UC Riverside, is finding out — by studying plants.

Making a Difference, Transforming the World

UC Riverside is a community of unique individuals who work together to inspire and enable educators and researchers to make a difference in our world.

Research and Economic Development, under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Michael Pazzani, gives our faculty the support, resources and inspiration to do their best work — work that will impact generations.

Among our ranks we have engineering professors devoted to developing devices that can “hear” cancer, geochemists who have helped determine that traces of oxygen appeared 50 to 100 million years earlier than previously thought, and researchers who have determined that an increasing number of school age bullies are going online to harass their victims.

Our faculty members are breaking new ground every day in a community that is always striving to do more.

Research is an invaluable part of our mission. We give our faculty the tools and time they need to make a difference.

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