UC Riverside

Oral History Project

Oral History

The history of UC Riverside, from a first person perspective

In the late 1990's, UCR's Jan Erickson undertook the challenge of compiling an oral history of the university. Interviews were conducted with faculty, administrators, students and civic leaders to give us a perspective of how the university has evolved over the years.

Interview transcripts are available as PDF files and audio clips can be listened to via RealPlayer.

  • chapmanhChapman, Homer D.
    Founding faculty member who began his work in 1927 at the Citrus Experiment Station
  • dowDow, Sally S.
    UCR staff member who was instrumental in the formation of the Alumni Association
  • duggerDugger, W. Mack, Jr.
    Administrator, scientist and the first dean of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS)
  • ericksonErickson, James H.
    UCR's first Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • fieldField, Charles D.
    A member of the pioneer class who went on to become a judge, the first UC Riverside Alumni Regent and the first chair of the UCR Foundation Board of Trustees
  • gabbertGabbert, John G.
    A local judge who was a founder of the campus
  • gillGill, Robert W.
    Former assistant to three chancellors at UCR
  • halbergHalberg, Charles J.A., Jr.
    An internationally prominent mathematician
  • haysHays, Howard H.
    A nationally respected journalist and former publisher of the Press Enterprise who was among community members responsible for securing and supporting the establishment of the UCR campus
  • helmkampHelmkamp, George K.
    Founding professor and woodworking artist who created the University mace
  • hinderakerbHinderaker, Birk
    First lady of UCR's longest-serving chancellor
  • hinderakeriHinderaker, Ivan H.
    The university's longest serving chancellor
  • johnsonJohnson, Oliver A.
    Founding professor of philosophy and avid authority on history
  • lindeburgLindeburg, Franklin A.
    The university's first director of athletics
  • loveridgeLoveridge, Ronald O.
    UC Riverside professor and former mayor of the City of Riverside
  • mayhewMayhew, Wilbur W.
    Founding faculty member who was instrumental in founding the UC Natural Reserve System
  • mooreMoore, John A.
    UCR professor of biology and a distinguished member of the National Academy of Sciences
  • orbacheOrbach, Eva S.
    First lady responsible for restoring and recreating the University House into the Chancellor's Residence
  • orbachrOrbach, Raymond L.
    The former chancellor helped lead the campus into an unprecedented period of growth
  • ottoOtto, Thelma
    Staff member who helped during the formative years of UCR under Chancellor Hinderaker
  • reaganReagan, Michael D.
    An early professor, academic administrator and respected researcher and critical analyst of American politics and public policy
  • rhineRhine, Ramon J.
    A professor, noted researcher and former chair of the Academic Senate
  • riveraRivera, Concepcion G.
    The widow of former Chancellor Tomás Rivera
  • ruibalRuibal, Rudolfo
    Founding faculty member and adviser to UC President Clark Kerr
  • thomasonThomason, Ivan J.
    Professor in the Department of Plant Pathology who helped found the Department of Nematology
  • turnerTurner, Arther Campbell
    Respected authority on political science and one of the four founding divisional chairs
  • wayWay, H. Frank
    Early professor and administrator and authority on constitutional law
  • wortzWortz, Peggy Fouke
    Civic leader and philanthropist
  • zentmyerZentmyer, George A.
    Distinguished member of the National Academy of Sciences

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