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Meet the first Highlander to serve as Riverside's mayor

Meet the first Highlander to serve as Riverside's mayor

Spring issue of UCR Magazine
A hand holds up a cicada specimen
Cicada explosion mystifies insect experts
Doug Yanega, senior scientist at UC Riverside’s Entomology Research Museum, discusses one of nature's unsolved mysteries: the 17-year life cycle of cicadas in the Eastern U.S.
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UCR commencement, archive photo. (UCR/Stan Lim)
Commencement now allows two guests; ceremonies listed
2020 and 2021 grads may join the in-person recognition; all events will be live-streamed for families to enjoy at home.
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'I didn't know my own strength'

Deidre Reyes is a self-described single mom, UC Riverside Honors student, immigrant, naturalized U.S. citizen, first-generation, and disabled scholar. She is the mother to five children who started community college at age 42. This June she'll receive a bachelor's degree in public policy. This fall she starts the Master's in public policy program at UCR.

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