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UCR Research in Action

Every day in our labs, classrooms and field research we are generating new knowledge to help make our community and world a better place. With corporate partners, we are able to bring a wide range of innovations to the marketplace that mitigate air pollution, improve water quality, grow sustainable agriculture, and improve quality of health.

Partnership Opportunities:

Featured Research Innovations:

  • Engine technology that allows cars to run on a mix of hydrogen and natural gas.
  • New varieties of citrus and asparagus.
  • An efficient and clean method of turning waste materials into a sulfur-free diesel fuel.

Yadong Yin

The Idea Zoo, Inc., a leading developer and licensor of advanced materials and technologies, is partnering with BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, to jointly introduce COLR™ Technology, an on-demand photonic crystal color changing technology. Invented by UCR Prof. Yadong Yin, senior advisor to Idea Zoo, Inc., the technology utilizes a now patented synthesis process to create superparamagnetic crystals that can be controlled magnetically to refract specific wave lengths of light to create a form of structural color.

  • Bourns College of Engineering
    The College of Engineering features research centers that are addressing diverse topics such as nanoscale material to the car of the future and its impact on the global environment. The Centers are:
    • Center for Bioengineering Research
    • Center for Environmental Research and Technology
    • Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    • Center for Ubiquitous Communication by Light
    • Center for Research in Intelligent Systems See Profile
    • Winston Chung Global Energy Center
  • College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
    The research centers and institutes featured within CHASS support a broad array of topics. No matter their specialization, scholars in the CHASS centers and institutes undertake the challenges of understanding individual ideas and phenomena, as well as exploring their roles within society. These lines of advanced research chart not just the what, but also the why of our many cultural interactions.
    • Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research
    • California Center for Native Nations
    • Center for Family Studies
    • Center for Iberian and Latin American Music
    • Center for Ideas and Society See Profile
    • Center for Social and Economic Policy
    • Institute for Research on World-Systems
    • Robert Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies See Profile
    • Southern California Academic Center of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention
    • Survey Research Center
  • College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    The expanding human footprint is making it ever more imperative that we preserve and improve the planet’s water, air, plant, animal and ecosystem resources. Centers and institutes featured within the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences are dedicated to understanding how these vital building blocks can be maintained, protected and enhanced. Researchers study everything from the chemical processes that produce cancer-causing smog to the promise of stem cell research as a way to combat illness and disease.
    • Agricultural Experiment Station See Profile
    • Center for Conservation Biology
    • Center for Disease Vector Research
    • Center for Invasive Species Research
    • Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    • Center for Plant Cell Biology
    • Institute for Integrative Genome Biology See Profile
    • Natural Reserve System
    • Plant Transformation Research Center
    • Statistical Consulting Collaboratory
    • Stem Cell Center
    • Water Science and Policy Center
  • Graduate School of Education (GSOE)
    GSOE facilitates extraordinary leaders by shaping ideas about education by taking a thoughtful, results-oriented approach shaping the future of education in positive, forward-thinking ways.
    • California Community College Collaborative
    • SEARCH — Family Autism Research Center
  • Research and Economic Development
    Each researcher may have a unique focus, but the centers and institutes featured within Research and Economic Development share a common goal to reveal, illuminate and document truths across a wide spectrum of disciplines.
    • Center for Sustainable Suburban Development
    • Environmental Research Institute
    • Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
    • UC Institute for Mexico and the United States See Profile
  • School of Business Administration (SoBA)
    SoBA is the first professional school of its kind in the region, and is the only one at a research-based institution. Through cutting-edge research on the business challenges of the 21st century, SoBA is positioned as a center of excellence for the Inland Southern California region.
  • School of Medicine
    The School of Medicine at UC Riverside was conceived to address a shortfall of health care professionals in Inland Southern California. With an emphasis on expanding and diversifying the region’s physician workforce, the School of Medicine will develop research and health care delivery programs to improve the health of medically underserved populations.
    • Center for Glial-Neuronal Interactions

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