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Solving the world’s most challenging problems requires global collaboration among researchers and a new generation of problem solvers equipped to understand the perspectives of other countries. Hundreds of students study overseas every year. The university is preparing to hire its first vice provost for international affairs to strengthen international engagement in research, study-abroad opportunities, and enrollment of international students.

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Biomedical scientists have published a study that sheds light on the cause of autistic behaviors in FXS. The study describes how MMP-9, an enzyme, plays a critical role in the development of autistic behaviors and synapse irregularities, with potential implications for other autistic spectrum disorders. The discovery comes from the lab of Iryna M. Ethell, professor of biomedical sciences.

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Home Sweet Home

UCR graduate and former major league player Troy Percival is UCR's new baseball coach.

Gluck Foundation Grant Comes In

The Gluck Foundation awards $555,000 to continue UCR's community-based workshops, summer arts camp.

Wide-Faced Men Negotiate Larger Signing Bonuses

A study finds men with wider faces are successful when negotiating for themselves, but not so when the situation requires compromise.

Catching Grease to Cut Grill Pollution

Students design a tray that when placed under grill grates cuts harmful emissions from one pollutant by 70 percent.

Workshopping Your Children's Book

UC Riverside Extension Center
Saturday, August 16
9 a.m.–3 p.m.

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