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Innovative Implants: Titanium implants play a critical role in helping patients recover from serious injuries, but they often require secondary surgeries to adjust or remove them later on. UCR bioengineer Huinan Liu is working to create devices made of new materials that break down naturally in the body over time. Her research has profound implications for reducing medical costs, accelerating recovery and improving the quality of patients’ lives.

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UC President Janet Napolitano said state support for UC students remains near the lowest it has been in more than 30 years. The university receives about $460 million less today than it did before the recession.“Despite the level of public disinvestment, its research and academic reputation have been largely sustained,” Napolitano said. “Entire swaths of the California economy — from biotechnology to the wine industry — have sprung from UC research." Read an overview of the budget.

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Philip Vieira describes his graduate student experience in neuroscience at UCR, and how protocols, data analysis, and late nights with cheap foil-wrapped burritos still left time for touring local craft breweries. In an essay on the Huffington Post, he said that every craft beer is like an experiment. And like graduate school, it is an exercise in delayed gratification.

Read more about What Does Neuroscience Have to Do with Beer?

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Top Colleges for Hispanic Students

You will probably never guess which university is listed near the top.

UCR has Superhero Science

An assistant professor helps organize an exhibit that explains the science behind Captain America's shield and Wolverine's skeleton. KPCC reports.

Princess Power

The Guardian Princess Alliance, an educational media organization founded by Setsu Shigematsu, associate professor of media and cultural studies, offers a new music video.

From Zero to Sixty

UCR's Solar Farm, the largest in the UC system, is dedicated.

Boyd Deep Canyon Lecture Series

Chris Hancock: Advanced Medical Imaging
Thurs., Dec. 11, 6–7:30 p.m.
UCR Palm Desert

Men's Basketball v. Saint Katherine

Sunday, November 23
1–3 p.m.
SRC Arena

Holiday Carillon Recital

Sat., Dec. 13, 3–4 p.m.
Bell Tower

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