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Taking Legos to the Lab: Researchers and students at the University of California, Riverside, have used 3D-printing to create a system of Lego-like blocks that can be used to quickly and affordably build new lab instruments.

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UCR was named a national finalist for the 2016 Project Degree Completion Award, which recognizes institutions that employ innovative approaches to improve retention and degree completion. The award is given by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU). By sharing UCR and four other finalists' experiences in improving student retention and degree completion, APLU President Peter McPherson said, other institutions can replicate their approaches.

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Anthony Rendon, Ph.D. ’00, is a great example of how higher education can change not just one life but many. The man who now answers to the title “Mr. Speaker” once worked long hours loading trucks for low pay. Yet a community college philosophy course sparked his interest in political philosophy and questions about the greater public good. He went on to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science from Cal State Fullerton and a Ph.D. in political philosophy and theory from UCR.

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Looking to the North Star for Basketball

Dikymbe Martin, playing for Riverside North High school, is one of the elite high school basketball players in Southern California. He just decided to make UCR his home.

Getting to Know You—Is It Worth It?

Lauren Walker, a UCR Ph.D. student, asks if home DNA testing is wise, given the danger to privacy.

Two UCR Teams Knocking it Out of the Park

UC Riverside’s women’s teams in tennis and golf lead the way on classroom performance.

The Search for the Arctic Bumblebee

The research team put up with many mosquitoes, short showers, and sunshine 24 hours a day.

UCR Softball Camp

Friday, July 29
9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Camp offer an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of softball.

Screening: Paths of the Soul

August 5–6
3 & 7 p.m.
Culver Center of the Arts
Stunningly photographed over the course of an entire year, with non-professional actors and no script, Paths of the Soul is a mesmerizing study of faith that will inspire viewers to reflect.

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