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Meet the Inaugural Class: The inaugural class of the UC Riverside School of Medicine graduated and took their first Hippocratic Oath on June 9, 2017. These are some of the highlights from this momentous occasion.

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The 2017 graduates had many victories to celebrate at UCR. More than 5,700 students were expected to graduate, and nearly 4,700 students were expected to participate in UCR’s 63rd commencement. Among some of the highlights during this year’s commencements were the School of Medicine, School of Public Policy, as well as African Student Programs and Chicano Student Programs, who each celebrated their 45th year anniversary on campus. Enjoy this year's multiple graduations via photos and video.

Read more about RECAP: Graduations Capture Family, Friends, and Success

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Cynthia Romero is a first-generation college student that graduates as a double major from UC Riverside. Her goal is to make a difference for the undocumented community, specifically in education. In the fall, she will begin teaching preschool in Clark County and will pursue her master’s in education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She will continue her education by pursuing a doctorate in an education field, with the hope of becoming an education administrator.

Read more about Commencement Stories — Cynthia Romero

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Other News at UCR Today

UCR Medical School Completes Accreditation Process

Liaison Committee on Medical Education grants full accreditation on eve of inaugural commencement.

‘First-Gen Faculty’ Campaign

UCR has officially joined the UC-wide First-Gen Faculty campaign.

Cycling for Social Equality

UCR student will bike ride from LA to DC to promote values of diversity and tolerance.

$50,000 Grant for Community Learning Opportunities

UCR’s Office of Undergraduate Education received a $50,000 grant to ramp up community-engaged learning opportunities.

Film Screening: Kedi

Saturday, Jun. 24
7 p.m.
Culver Center of the Arts

Track & Field Junior/Senior Nationals

June 22–25
10:00 a.m.

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