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What’s the Environmental Impact?: Climate Lab is produced by the University of California in partnership with Vox. This video explores the environmental cost of free two-day shipping.

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UCR researchers have developed transgenic mosquitoes that stably express the Cas9 enzyme in their germline. The addition of Cas9 will enable the use of the CRISPR gene editing tool to make efficient, targeted changes to the mosquitoes’ DNA.Their long-term goal is to use Cas9-expressing mosquitoes together with another technology—called gene drives—to insert and spread genes that suppress the insects while avoiding the resistance that evolution would typically favor.

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Read more about Researchers Identify Hormone for Treating Sepsis

A research team led by a biomedical scientist at UC Riverside has discovered that the human protein resistin could be used to treat sepsis, the body’s extreme and uncontrolled immune response to an infection. Sepsis kills about one in five affected people. Using a transgenic mouse model expressing this hormone, the researchers found that mice expressing resistin had a 100 percent survival rate from a sepsis-like infection when compared to wild-type mice with the same infection.

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Host Star to Devour Newly Discovered Exoplanet

The discovery of HD 76920b and its anticipated fate are described in a forthcoming article in The Astronomical Journal.

UCR Transfer Students Start Academic Success Group

Partnership with Umoja program helps community college students achieve.

UC Riverside Alumnus Wins 2017 National Book Award

Frank Bidart '62, received the honor for his book “Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016.”

UCR Students Connect with STEM Industry

Ten UCR students attended the MESA Student Leadership Conference.

Arabian Nights: Volume 1, The Restless One

Saturday, November 25
7 p.m.
Culver Center of the Arts

UCR Women’s Basketball v. UCLA

Tuesday, Nov. 28
7 p.m.
Pauley Pavilion

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