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What We're About

What We're About

UC Riverside's Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research (CBSR) is internationally recognized for its contributions to the field of bibliographical studies and efforts to preserve history through its extensive newspaper projects.

Established in 1989, the center has researched and cataloged tens of thousands of books, newspaper titles and related materials as a way of preserving text for future generations. It has attracted scholars in bibliographical studies and library professionals from around the world to UCR to share their research. We currently have dozens of libraries in North America, Britain, Ireland and Germany, working directly under our supervision.

Digital storage and searchable text-conversion makes many of the materials accessible online.

The center's projects are funded primarily by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional support has been provided by the Department of Education and a number of private foundations.

The Center's four major projects are:

  • The California Newspaper Project
    The state segment of the U.S. Newspaper Project, a national effort to record the surviving issues of all U.S. newspapers in the national serials database to preserve their contents for the use of future generations.
  • The California Digital Newspaper Collection
    A free digital resource containing more than a half-century of California newspapers. It is part of the National Digital Newspaper Program, a joint venture of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress to create a national digital newspaper resource representing papers from all states published from 1836-1922.
  • The California Newspaper Microfilm Archive
    The single largest collection of newspaper microfilm in California, comprising of approximately 100,000 microfilm reels for titles published between 1846 and the present.
  • The English Short-Title Catalog
    A landmark bibliographic endeavor to catalog every letterpress produced in Great Britain or its dependencies from 1473 – 1800. It is become the model for creating access to the products of the hand-press in the western world.
  • Once complete, the Catálogo Colectivo de Impresos Latinoamericanos will provide digital access to all Latin American imprints since 1851. The project is expected to involve every library with relevant materials in Europe, the Americas,and the Philippines.

Center for Bibliographical Studies Main Projects


Center for Bibliographical Studies Main Projects


Center for Bibliographical Studies Main Projects

For more information about the Center for Bibliographical Studies:

E-mail: cbsrinfo@ucr.edu
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