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UCR: A Place to Make a Connection

UC Riverside is made up of a diverse and welcoming community that is forward-looking in its commitment to learning and exploration. Reflecting California's intricate cultural landscape is an ongoing process at UCR, where faculty and staff know they are part of building and maintaining a great research university in a comfortable and inclusive setting.

Faculty and academic staff have a shared commitment to producing relevant research. Through such research, UCR exerts a positive influence on the rest of Inland Southern California, helping the growing region shape its future.

Making a Difference in the Local Community

UCR is not an island of academia lost in the sprawl of Southern California. We are a key contributor to the growth of Inland Southern California and among the top employers in the region. We make a difference in the economic development, cultural amenities, and intellectual resources of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

    We partner with area business and government to foster solutions to complex problems. This relationship gives faculty members the opportunity to help shape the development of the Inland region, a key area of California's growth during the next decade:
  • We help the region by bringing national leaders in the arts and sciences to the area. With them come new ideas, new ways of thinking and fresh approaches to persistent challenges.
  • The UCR School of Medicine will help alleviate a projected 53 percent shortage of physicians in the Inland area and will bring many accompanying economic benefits.
  • The UCR Palm Desert Graduate Center gives the university a strong presence in the Coachella Valley.
  • The university works with the city of Riverside and the local school district to provide tutoring and after-school activities to economically challenged youth through the University Eastside Community Collaborative/AmeriCorps project.
  • The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts ensures an arts presence in schools, community centers and other facilities.
  • The university's Cooperative Extension provides cutting-edge research improvements the local environment and enhances the state's $32 billion agricultural industry.

Through such programs, UCR faculty and staff have the opportunity to play leadership roles in the development of the region. Such roles are not always available at many other institutions of higher learning, but it is integral to UCR's mission.

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