UC Riverside

Matt Barth


Matt Barth Leads the Center for Environmental Research and Technology

Matt Barth, a professor of electrical engineering at UCR, directs 80 scientists and five research groups as the head of the Bourns College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT). His research on the use of technology to reduce pollution is especially noteworthy in Southern California, which holds the unfortunate distinction of having the nation's worst air quality.

Choosing the Best Route, Either Fastest or Greenest

Many vehicles have sophisticated on-board computers that can guide drivers to their destinations, suggest the most direct route, and alert drivers to potential traffic congestion, while offering alternate routes.

Matt Barth and four students are taking this technology to the next level, using the computer to determine the fastest and most environmentally friendly way to go.

Working with carmaker Audi and researchers from UC Berkeley, the $650,000 project aims to create a new technology that weds existing real-time traffic data collection systems with models that predict fuel consumption in different vehicles under varying conditions to inform drivers of the route that will use the least fuel and produce the least carbon emissions.

The idea is to find the route that eliminates as much stop-and-go traffic as possible, since that is a major contributor to wasted fuel.

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