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Mexico and its Relationship to the U.S. a Major Focus

The UC Institute for Mexico and the United States or UC MEXUS, promotes education, research, public service, and other scholarly activities in the areas of Mexican studies, US-Mexico relations, Latino Studies, or any other public policy or academic topics involving Mexico or people of Mexican descent.

The institute facilitates collaborations between academics and scholars on both sides of the border and focuses much of its efforts on issues of mutual concern to both countries.

Grant Program Provides Seed Funds for Further Study

UC MEXUS operates a well-regarded grant program to encourage collaboration and study between UC researchers and their counterparts in Mexico. One measure of the grant program’s success is the fact that programs that have received seed money from grants in the past have later developed into the focus of the institute’s research programs.

The grant process also is designed to have a significant impact on educational institutions in Mexico. Funds from UC MEXUS often are the only way by which Mexican researchers can begin worthwhile projects that often later attract funding from institutions in Mexico.

Requests for grant funding always exceed the amount of available funds. For example, funding has hovered around the $1 million mark for the past several years, while grant requests have amounted to twice as much. As a result, UC MEXUS uses strict criteria for funding, which places great importance not just on how the research will be received in California, but also on its potential impact in Mexico.

This funding gets good returns. For example, a UC MEXUS grant in 2000 helped Norman Ellstrand, a UC Riverside biogeneticist, start his research, which later received larger amounts of federal funding. The result was the publication of his acclaimed book, “Dangerous Liaisons? When Cultivated Plants Mate With Their Wild Relatives.”

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