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Helping Law Enforcement Keep Kids out of Gangs

The Presley Center has worked with local law enforcement since 1998 to test strategies used for steering young people away from gang membership, and for helping those who are already members transition away from the gangs they have joined.

The program started as part of a major $12 million federal effort at six sites across the country and has continued locally with results-based support from city government.

The Center has also worked with local agencies to reduce the number of juvenile repeat-offenders; to create wellness centers that emphasize reducing youth violence at schools in the Riverside Unified School District; and to create a Mental Health Court to provide solutions, rather than just punishment, to mentally-ill offenders.

Working with the Community, Getting Answers

As a partner in one of 10 Academic Centers on Youth Violence Prevention, the Presley Center works to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-violence youth programs.

The center assists at-risk youth outreach organizations with determining the approaches that best achieve program goals. The work ensures that local, state and federal dollars committed to youth violence prevention and reduction are used in the most effective manner possible.

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