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Institute for Integrative Genome Biology

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Institute Brings Together Scientists from Diverse Fields of Study

Research into genomes, the hereditary information encoded into DNA, has exploded over the last decade as scientists seek to unlock the genetic codes that determine the physical and behavioral characteristics of people and other organisms.

Much work remains before we can understand completely how these different molecules work together to create a larger organism.

The Institute for Integrative Genome Biology brings together scientists from different disciplines to get a better handle on gene-related questions. It also advocates for a broader education for future scientists, who will need to complement their knowledge of biology with expertise in chemistry, math and computer science in order to advance the existing research.

Centers Make for a Stronger Institute

The Institute for Integrative Genome Biology features cooperation among separate, but close-knit research centers. Each center’s emphasis on its core mission increases the institute’s ability to create new levels of understanding to benefit agriculture, the environment and human health.

The individual centers that operate under the institute’s umbrella include:

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