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Center Fosters Growth in the Humanities

Whether it is examining how architecture has been used over the ages to represent power and maintain order, or documenting the Hispanic influence on the cultural development of the Philippines, the Center for Ideas and Society brings together researchers from various disciplines to produce new works— lectures, seminars, readings —in the humanities.

The center brings to the UCR campus distinguished lecturers and visitors, and also administers grants that promote further advances in the humanities on such varied topics as migration, cultural diversity and social change.

Ethnic Media in the Lives of American Muslims

While American Muslims include members of diverse racial, national and ethnic groups, they are united by what they are seeing in the post-9/11 world. That is, most of America identifies American Muslims primarly by their religion, and only subsequently by factors such as nationality, race or ethnicity.

Graduate student Dino Bonzonelos’ fellowship with the center has focused on how the American Muslim community receives strong guidance from its ethnic news media, through which leaders speak on important issues within the community. Ethnic media outlets focus on issues thought to be of importance to all American Muslims, and the people who speak most forcefully to those issues are elevated to leadership status.

Bonzonelos studies ethnic media to unlock how this vital source of information for American Muslims is playing a role in shaping the political identity of an evolving and diverse community.

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