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‘Family Values’ is not the Only Factor in What Makes a Good Dad

Research being conducted by the Center for Family Studies shows that being a strong male role model in a family requires more than just making a decision to be a good father. Simply having “family values” isn’t enough to make it work.

Supportive Employers Help Dads Excel

Dr. Scott Coltrane’s research shows that valuing the family unit and seeing its importance is an essential characteristic of any good father. He found that support in the workplace is a key to helping fathers stay involved in their children’s lives.

Something as simple as being able to rearrange a work schedule can improve a father’s ability to be there for his kids. Work pressures, the implied need to stay late and inflexible work environments can make it difficult for a father to feel like he can care for a child who is ill or attend an important school function.

Working parents have not benefited as much as might be expected from federally-mandated family-leave programs. Because the programs are unpaid, taking time off for family-leave can be cost prohibitive for many families. More supportive policies in the workplace, not more rhetoric, would go a long way toward helping fathers reach that idealized view of parenting.

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