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Citrus Experiment Station Gave UCR its Start

Two cottages and a stable on the east side of Mt. Rubidoux comprised the entire station when it opened in 1907 as part of the statewide Agricultural Experiment Station developed by the University of California.

Within 10 years, the station had moved to the base of the Box Springs Mountains, where UC Riverside eventually was launched in 1960. The station now is part of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, which was organized according to its existing structure in 1974.

Agricultural Experiment Station Offers Real-world Conditions

The Agricultural Experiment Station features nearly 1,000 acres of open-air laboratories allow plant scientists to test in real-life conditions everything from how to combat insects and disease to methods for increasing crop productivity.

Citrus Experiment Station

The Citrus Experiment Station.

A 420-acre research center devoted to citrus is located on campus. About 80 miles away in the desert, the 540-acre Coachella Valley Agricultural Research Station offers another field setting in which to test theories on new plant varieties and sustainable agricultural methods.

More than 50 different kinds of crops are grown each year for research purposes, from citrus to turf grass to ornamental trees and shrubs.

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