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A Partner in Telling UCR's Story

UC Riverside welcomes all opportunities to work with the media. These interactions can take several forms, including:

  • Providing context for stories dealing with higher education in California and the nation.
  • Providing insight on the UC system from an Inland perspective.
  • Finding on-campus, on deadline, sources to provide background information, quotes and on-the-record interviews on a wide range of topics.

UCR recognizes that, in addition to helping members of the media with a story, we sometimes are the story. In these cases, we can:

  • Provide ideas for stories in regard to events and developments occurring on the UC Riverside campus.
  • Connect you with faculty and staff members whose work is being recognized around the nation and the world.
  • Assist media outlets with arrangements needed to cover extracurricular activities, including everything from intercollegiate sports to speaking engagements scheduled on the campus.

All of this, and more, is but a phone call or e-mail away.

Inside UCR

InsideUCR is a website for the UC Riverside faculty and staff. Daily news updates are available on the site, but an email newsletter is also delivered bimonthly to UCR employees.

Have an idea for a story? Contact us!

UCR Magazine

Published quarterly, UCR Magazine keeps readers informed about the important academic pursuits and research contributions that affect our community, state, nation and world. It also helps keep our alumni abreast of each other's accomplishments. UCR Magazine can also be accessed online.

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