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Scholarship Stories: Crystal and Hector Rosales

Crystal & Hector Rosales

Class of '07 alums Hector and Crystal Rosales met in high school and married young. They are both very proud of UCR and thankful for the opportunities provided to them by the university.

While at UCR Hector and Crystal obtained several scholarships which they found invaluable. For the Rosales family, these scholarships would prove essential, covering the costs of both educational and living expenses.

Crystal received the Jameson Scholarship. Hector received the Bank of America Business Leadership Scholarship, the Howard Younglove Scholarship and the Raymond Greenley Scholarship, among others.

Prior to receiving his scholarships, Hector was trying to both attend school and work full-time, leaving little or no time for studies.

Hector is currently an auto operations manager for a large car dealership. He believes that the prestige of receiving the scholarships were a key factor in obtaining his current position.

Crystal is a first grade teacher. She is enrolled in a master's degree program and hopes to earn a Ph.D. Hector, a first generation college graduate, plans to pursue an MBA.

Both Rosales' proudly display their UCR alumni license plate frames and Hector still carries his UCR athletic bag to the gym. They encourage others to attend UCR because of their own positive experience.

They look forward to the day when they are able to give back and help others achieve their educational dreams. Currently, they are helping to finance Hector's younger brother's college education because they know first-hand the importance of a college degree.

Crystal & Hector Rosales

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