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Scholarship Stories: Allen Fletcher

Allen Fletcher

As a college basketball player at UC Riverside, Allen Fletcher knew a lot about assists. But the biggest assist in Fletcher's UCR career was the scholarship that enabled him to complete his degree in Sociology/Law and Society while playing the sport he loved.

Fletcher was recruited to UCR in 1997 from Irvine Community College. His scholarship covered his tuition, living expenses and books. The assistance was invaluable, because in addition to classes and mandatory study time, he spent 25-30 hours per week on his basketball commitments. Being a student-athlete was a part-time job.

"My scholarship allowed me to pursue my education at a quality academic institution," he said. "It took a great deal of pressure off of my family to figure out how to finance my education. This allowed me to focus on what I went to school to do, which was to excel in the classroom."

Fletcher is grateful to the donors who helped make his scholarship possible.

"I would like to thank them for their generosity," he said. "It means a lot when people who are not compelled to give anything give so much and expect nothing in return."

A combination of the scholarship and hard work in the classroom allowed Fletcher to graduate on time and leave school debt free. He said the freedom from debt allowed him to get "a jump on life."

As a student-athlete, Fletcher saw himself as an ambassador of the university, keenly aware that he was representing UCR at all times. As a graduate, he is working towards becoming a leader among alumni by joining the Los Angeles area chapter of the UCR Alumni Association.

He is also giving back to his alma mater and encouraging his peers to do the same.

"Your impact is immeasurable," he said. "The investment that you make in another persons' education produces significant results in society as a whole. The individual who you help will in turn help others, so the gift continues to give."


Allen Fletcher

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