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Donor Profile: Mir & Lelia Mulla

Mir and Lelia Mulla

Mir S. Mulla, distinguished professor emeritus of entomology, is passionate about solving problems.

Life So Far

For more than 50 years at UCR, he has conducted basic and applied research on insects of medical importance. He has used his broad knowledge of entomological sciences to unearth solutions to vector-borne diseases and pest-related problems both nationally and internationally.

For his extensive work in reducing the number of noxious and pestiferous insects in the Coachella Valley, the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (CVMVCD), which is headquartered in Indio, honored Mulla by naming their new state-of-the-art biological control facility after him during a dedication ceremony in April 2006.

In addition to his partnership with the CVMVCD and other vector control agencies in California, Mulla has served as science advisor and member of expert panel on vectors and vector-borne diseases for the World Health Organization (WHO) to improve health conditions around the globe. As a consultant to WHO, he has had the opportunity to promote and establish research programs, training courses and capacity building of scientists in several developing countries. Currently he is involved in collaborative research with scientists and former students.

Staying Connected

Since retiring from UCR's Department of Entomology in 2006, Mulla has continued his research on the management and control of vector-borne diseases but has also focused his attention on solving another problem - the rising cost of higher education.

"My wife and I decided it would be a good idea to establish a scholarship for students. Education is paramount and essential to the future life of students and everyone else. The cost of education is increasing all of the time, and students, especially those who are scholarly and interested in education need some kind of support to see them through their tenure at the university."

The Mullas recently established the Mir S. Mulla and Lelia L. Mulla Endowed Scholarship Fund. Students with high scholastic achievement in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences will be eligible to receive funding from this endowment.

"There are tremendous opportunities at UCR and students should take advantage of these opportunities and seek assistance and help in advancing their education and careers goals for the future," he said.

Mir S. Mulla and Lelia L. Mulla

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