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Office of Academic Personnel

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Office of Academic Personnel

The Office of Academic Personnel facilitates the recruitment, development, and retention of world-class academics.

The office oversees issues that are key to the hiring and advancement of academic employees on campus, including the appointment of faculty, merit reviews, and promotions for faculty and other academic employees.

The office also handles employment matters for lecturers, adjunct professors, librarians and other academic employees whose work supports the university's mission.

Monthly meetings and quarterly forums give employees access to experts in such fields as conflict resolution, student counseling, budget, legal matters, and other issues often faced by department chairs.

Faculty Appointments

The Office of Academic Personnel handles about 80 new hires annually. To simplify and explain the hiring process for both potential hires and the employees in charge of finding new faculty, the Office of Academic Personnel has created a Faculty Toolkit. The toolkit details the steps that are taken, and by whom, in the hiring process.

Prospective employees can search for job openings in a variety of places, including the homepages of the respective colleges/departments or through the Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) website.

Faculty Evaluation

The Office of Academic Personnel is responsible for the faculty evaluation system, which helps academic employees chart their progress at the university, get feedback from their peers, and learn where they are in the process of obtaining tenure.

  • Tenured faculty, including associate and full professors, go through the evaluation process every few years. Promotion to a higher level is based on scholarly output.
  • Untenured faculty - assistant professors - are reviewed every two years until they obtain tenure.

Reviews take into account work the employee has performed in the areas of teaching, research, service, and professional activities. The review starts in the employee's department, goes to the dean of the department, and then goes to the Office of Academic Personnel. Files are then sent through the Academic Senate for review before going to the vice-provost and the chancellor.

The Office of Academic Personnel handles more than 300 files each year solely for merit and promotion awards. This task is made more manageable by The Call, a schedule that shows when merit and promotion files are due and explains the process that must be undertaken to prepare them.

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