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Matt Barth

Matt Barth

Creating Smart, Eco-Friendly Cars and Trucks

In-car and hand-held navigation systems help you find the shortest route from A to B, and all the pizza places in between. But thanks to UCR Professor of Electrical Engineering Matthew Barth, you can now find the most environmentally friendly way to go.

Barth, director of the Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) and the Yeager Families Professor of Engineering, worked with car manufacturer Audi to design, develop and implement an Eco-Friendly Navigation system for cars and trucks.

The next step is to do a similar project for heavy-duty trucks. In 2011, Barth began looking for ways to improve operations and reduce fuel consumption for these vehicles that make up a critical component of the U.S. good movement system. Barth and his team will develop a new set of routing algorithms, based upon those created for light-duty vehicles. They system will even take into account road congestion and elevation changes.

Barth and his team are also investigating "eco-driving," which refers to providing drivers with advice and feedback to minimize fuel consumption while driving. Research shows that real-time feedback can cut fuel consumption up to six percent.

The goal of making transportation more efficient, intelligent, and better for the environment is at the core of  today’s most critical issues. Transportation accounts for more than half of air pollutants in urban areas and nearly one-third of all energy consumption and greenhouse gases in the nation. Barth and his colleagues from CE-CERT’s Transportation Systems Research Lab have contributed new knowledge on transportation emissions modeling, vehicle activity analysis, electric vehicle technology, and intelligent transportation systems, including the an award-winning carsharing program in the world. Barth has served with key institutions in this field, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), several committees of the Transportation Research Board and the National Research Council.

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