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Be they from members of our administration, our faculty and staff, or even our students, the successful operation of the university requires the contributions of a variety of unique individuals.

UCR’s chancellor is Kim A. Wilcox. He assumed the post in August 2013 and is assisted in the day-to-day operations of the university by Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor Cynthia K. Larive.

UC Riverside's administrative organizational structure features five vice-chancellors whose offices oversee specific areas and who report directly to the chancellor. These are:

Independent from the other bodies is the Office of Campus Counsel. From advice in developmental policy to conflict resolution, the Campus Counsel provides continuing legal guidance to UCR’s leadership.

The Academic Senate serves as the representative body for the UCR faculty. By definition, all faculty are members of the Academic Senate, with officers coming from a variety of backgrounds across campus. The Senate is responsible for the selection and ratification of courses, admissions conditions and faculty members. The Senate also advises the chancellor and campus administrators on some of the most critical decisions made at UCR.

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