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Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development

Our Role

Vice Chancellor
Michael Pazzani
Michael Pazzani

Research and Economic Development, under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Michael Pazzani, gives UC Riverside faculty the support, resources and inspiration to do their best work — work that will impact generations. Other duties include providing UCR faculty and deans with possible research funding opportunities and facilitating proposal development.

Through Research and Economic Development and the dedicated work of faculty and student researchers in the pursuit of new knowledge, UC Riverside is fulfilling its role as the research university of Inland Southern California. The university's research heritage, our resources and our location make it an ideal place for exploring air, water, energy, biodiversity, sustainability, land use, the habitat/agriculture interface and much more.

What we do and study here makes a difference to people every day: Every orange, lemon, lime and tangerine found on your grocer’s shelf has a genetic connection to the trees at our Citrus Research Collection. Our scientists have earned worldwide recognition for their expertise and breakthrough findings in the areas of plant sciences, environmental and natural resources and pest management.

Research is an invaluable part of our mission. We give our faculty the tools and time they need to make a difference.


Sponsored Programs Administration

Responsible for reviewing, endorsing and submitting proposals to extramural sponsors for research, training, instructional and other activities.

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Cynthia Wells
Cynthia Wells, Director

Research Integrity

Provides broad oversight, resources and education for integrity and compliance issues relating to the conduct of research.

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Technology Commercialization

Facilitates the development, protection and commercialization of UCR's campus research and intellectual property.

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Rebeccah Goldware
Rebeccah Goldware,Interim Director

Research Development

Coordinates with faculty and staff across campus to develop competitive grant proposals to federal, state, and other funders.

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Randy Black
Randy Black, Director

Campus Veterinarian

Oversee all animal facilities at UCR to ensure that laboratory animal care and use programs comply with federal, state, and local guidelines for laboratory animal care.

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Akiko Sato, Campus Veterinarian

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