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Office of Technology Commercialization

Office of Technology Commercialization

Intellectual Property — Ours and Yours
What we discover here at UC Riverside benefits the community — and the inventors.

Office of Technology Commercialization

With invention comes promise, for the inventor and the university, both of which can benefit financially if an invention makes it into the marketplace and is well received.

To ensure that everyone’s interests are properly protected, the Office of Technology Commercialization will help safeguard that intellectual property while also working to promote economic development around the local area and the region that capitalizes on UCR’s contributions to the local economy. Their services include:

  • Properly disclosing, developing and protecting the inventions that are created by campus researchers
  • Providing advice to faculty and staff in how to navigate legal and other issues that arise when their work draws attention from potential business partners
  • Ensuring continued academic freedom and continued meaningful research through material transfer agreements, which provide a common ground for both the researcher and the private sector partner to understand one another’s interests and work together

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