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Research Spotlights

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UCR's Top Researchers Pushing the Limits

Among our strong faculty are exceptional scholars whose work earns regional, state, and national recognition, helping to raise UCR's profile on the world stage.

These faculty members are acknowledged as UCR’s thought leaders. They are committed to academic excellence, rigorous research and community service, and are exemplary role models for the current faculty as well as generations of professors to come.

From Environmental Research to Breakthroughs in Psychology

UCR’s thought leaders run the gamut: from assistant professors whose early research has been recognized alongside the best in the nation, to professors emeritus, who continue to publish revealing works in retirement.

All share an insatiable curiosity — a curiosity that drives them to persist with asking questions, running experiments and publishing findings. They are teachers who still love to learn. They generously share their expertise with the world — both within and beyond the UCR campus — and, in the process, advance our collective knowledge.

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