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Teaching children to read. Maintaining natural reserves. Analyzing lithic artifacts.

Collaborating for Change

These are only a few of the goals of the groups and projects at UC Riverside. Our scientists come together to address some of society’s most pressing problems, to gain insight into the past, and to try to create a better world for the future.

In the 1940s and 1950s, UCR Professor Wilbur Mayhew and Professor Ken Norris of UCLA and UC Santa Cruz became alarmed by the increasing vandalism and disappearance of their field sites for research and teaching. Their concern prompted the UC system to take action. In 1965, the regents approved the system-wide Natural Reserve System.

Today, through the Department of Biology, UCR maintains four major reserves and four smaller ones totaling 28,000 acres. This ‘library’ of field sites is an invaluable outdoor laboratory used by scientists around the world, and is one of our premier projects.

Other groups and projects include:

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