UC Riverside

Center for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS)


Making Machines that are Aware of their Surroundings and Able to Communicate with Others

The Center for Research in Intelligent Systems is working to develop computer systems that can operate largely on their own, with limited or no human guidance, and also communicate with other systems, be they biological or artificial.

The research could help independent computer systems accurately identify a person based on their walk, the shape of their ears or the shape of their face. Research on wireless sensor networks has implications for homeland security, disaster relief and rescue efforts, as well as for wildlife monitoring.

Computers as More than Just a Tool for Humans

Most people see computers as a way to get on the Internet, receive email or play games. But researchers at UCR are working to make computers more independent, capable of seeing the world around them and making decisions based on what they see.

For nearly a decade, the Center for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS) has fostered an interdisciplinary approach to the development of the next wave of computer systems. Researchers at CRIS are developing computers that will be able to observe their surroundings, make adjustments to their environment and communicate with humans or other intelligent computer systems.

These advances in robotics and artificial intelligence promise to revolutionize the next generations of computer technology.

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