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Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT)

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Southern California is known for both being environmentally conscious and for having the worst air pollution in the nation. At UC Riverside, the Bourns College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT), is working to solve the state’s continuing environmental challenges.

The center is a vital source of research into how pollution interacts with the atmosphere, and how vehicles and transportation systems can work more efficiently while doing minimal damage to the environment. The Center's six research areas and 18 laboratories are organized around these and other long-standing technical and scientific issues that impact our nation's clean air, climate change, and renewable energy goals. Selected research highlights include:

Intelligent Transportation Systems

CE-CERT has developed a strong research group in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), with a focus on environmental and energy issues with computing, control, communication, and sensing technology that will continue to transform today’s vehicles and transportation systems to improve safety, efficiency, economics, and environmental/energy issues.

Emissions from Next Generation Engine and Fuels

Over the years, CE-CERT has become a pre-eminent research institution that conducts emission measurements from a variety of sources. Part of this has been becoming a pioneer in developing testing methods and equipment that can measure emissions in real-world conditions, from small lawnmower engines to power plants and marine vessels.

Advanced Biofuels Research

CE-CERT has developed two major research labs focused on advanced biofuels research and development. During its nine years of operation, significant advances have already been made in the development of technologies which, when scaled up to commercial operations, show great potential for diverting large amounts of organic material away from our landfills for use as feedstocks for the production of liquid transportation fuels.

National Atmospheric Chamber Facility

CE-CERT hosts the world’s largest and most accurate chamber for conducting air pollution measurements and understanding how smog and cancer-causing particles form in the atmosphere. CE-CERT is in the process of expanding its atmospheric chamber laboratory by creating a national research user facility available for use by U.S. industry, universities, other national laboratories, state and local governments, and the scientific community in general to directly address many of the issues relating to PM, ozone, and atmospheric transformations, modeling, and monitoring.

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Research

Through our research, we are advancing solutions for today’s energy production and storage demands, while developing far-sighted energy storage research and energy-use strategies for tomorrow’s applications. A key project in this area is the Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative, which is a unique integrated renewable energy system which combines energy generation, storage, smart grid protocols, and electric transportation. The system incorporates 4 MW of photovoltaics, 2 MW of energy storage, smart-grid protocols, and a 20-unit citywide electric transportation system, featuring both level 2 and level 3 charging stations.

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