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Digging Deeper into Issues that Affect Us All

UCR's research centers and institutes offer students and faculty opportunities to collaborate on pioneering research from crime to engineering to the changing face of the American family.

For Each Field of Study, a Place to Thrive

UCR’s research centers and institutes are nationally recognized. The broad range of topics that span three colleges within the university and Research and Economic Development. Find a home where you can produce your life’s work at:

Bourns College of Engineering

The College of Engineering features four research centers that are addressing diverse topics such as nanoscale material so small that the human hair seems gigantic in comparison to the car of the future and its impact on the global environment. The four centers are:

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

The nine research centers and institutes featured within the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science support investigations into everything from the history and contributions of Native Americans in California to emerging family issues to the causes of and possible solutions to youth crime and violence in our society. No matter their specialization, scholars in the CHASS centers and institutes undertake the challenges of understanding individual ideas and phenomena, as well as exploring their roles within larger society. These lines of advanced research chart not just the what, but also the why of our many cultural interactions.

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

The expanding human footprint is making it ever more imperative that we preserve and improve the planet’s water, air, plant, animal and ecosystem resources. Centers and institutes featured within the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences are dedicated to understanding how these vital building blocks can be maintained, protected and enhanced. Researchers study everything from the chemical processes that produce cancer-causing smog to the promise of stem cell research as a way to combat illness and disease.

Research and Economic Development

Each researcher may have a unique focus, but the centers and institutes featured within Research and Economic Development share a common goal to reveal, illuminate and document truths across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

School of Business

The Center for Economic Forecasting and Development at the School of Business is a major new initiative for economic research and the first world-class university forecasting center in Inland Southern California. The Center creates economic forecasts and economic development products that expand understanding of one of the state’s most vital growth areas. By serving as a hub of collaboration, the Center is a place where innovative development ideas and strategies emerge from both researchers and business and government leaders.

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