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Sometimes instead of providing someone to comment on the news, UC Riverside makes the news. Our events and milestones may be UCR centered sometimes, but other times may offer clues to larger trends in higher education or world events.

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Small RNAs Topic of Faculty Research Lecture

(May 3, 2016)

Xuemei Chen, a distinguished professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, will give the 64th annual Faculty Research Lecture June 3 at the University of California, Riverside.

Films by Pediatric Cancer Patients to Screen May 15

(May 3, 2016)

Films created by pediatric cancer patients and their siblings in the UC Riverside Spotlight on Hope Film Camp will screen on May 15 at 5:15.

Children Trust ‘Clever’ Characters on Television

(May 2, 2016)

Children are more likely to learn from educational television programming if two things occur: 1) If the children believe the character on the program is knowledgeable, and 2) they are reminded to think about what they have seen on television for ideas of how to solve a problem. This is according to a new study by a group of researchers, including Rebekah Richert, psychology professor at the University of California, Riverside. The study is called, “U.S. Preschoolers’ Trust of and Learning from Media Characters,” and it was published in the Journal of Children and Media.

35th Annual Medicine Ways Conference Explores Identity and Media Representation

(May 2, 2016)

It’s become tradition on the University of California, Riverside campus, especially after 35 years. Native American Student Programs and the Native American Student Association at UCR, with the help of the Rupert Costo Endowed Chair, will host the annual Medicine Ways Conference, bringing in guests from across the country to speak at the event.

The Ethical Behavior of Ethicists

(May 2, 2016)

Do professional ethicists live up to ethical norms any more than people who do not make a living out of teaching ethics? Find out at UC Riverside on May 10.

UCR Grad Student Talks Straight To Win Big

(April 28, 2016)

A UC Riverside doctoral student who is working to create smaller, more powerful microprocessors using graphene instead of silicon is UC’s newest Grad Slam champion. Grad student Peter Byrley took home the "Slammy" on April 22, the culmination of a systemwide contest that recognizes and rewards the gift for gab – specifically, the ability to summarize complex research for a lay audience in a way that is concise, engaging and illuminating.

Selfish Behavior Lowers Levels of Happiness

(April 28, 2016)

Cheating to get ahead is likely to reduce your level of happiness. That’s according to a new study by University of California, Riverside sociology professor Jan E. Stets. The study, titled “Happiness and Identities,” was published in the journal Social Science Research.

Chair of UC Riverside’s Theater Department to Present at International Conference in Italy

(April 28, 2016)

Erith Jaffe-Berg, chair and associate professor of the Department of Theatre, Film and Digital Production at the University of California, Riverside, will speak at The Birth and Evolution of the Venetian Ghetto international conference in Venice, Italy, on Friday, May 6.

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