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Summer Sessions

Stepping Forward.

Your Summer, Your Future

The UC Riverside Summer Sessions program helps you to get ahead in your college career by taking classes during the summer. The courses are identical in content to those taught during the regular school year, but take place in convenient three-, five- or seven-week sessions.

The Summer Sessions program offers the following:

  • Over 450 courses offered
  • High demand classes
  • A more relaxed campus
  • Convenient day & evening classes
  • Easy online registration

Classes start with the first five-week session on June 21. Session II begins July 26. Registration begins April 7. Learn more about the UCR Summer Session

Experience Education around the World

The UCR Summer Travel Study Program helps you gain a global perspective in your education while allowing you to fit a five week travel adventure into your summer schedule. The program offers eight units of UC credit through two, four-unit UCR General Catalog Courses taught by UCR faculty during the five-week adventure. The 2010 Summer Travel Program is offering travel study opportunities during Summer Session 2 (July 26 - August 28), in:

  • Madrid, Spain (Spanish language proficiency required).
  • Hue, Vietnam (Language proficiency is not required)

The program is open to all UCR students and scholarships are available.

Student using a laptop outside.

Easy online enrollment for Summer Sessions.

Student with backpack boarding a train.

UCR's Summer Travel Study program offers students the unique opportunity to take general catalog courses outside the United States.

View of Madrid, Spain.

The 2010 Travel Study program to Madrid, Spain and Hue, Vietnam takes place  from July 26–August 28.

High School Students Get Ahead with the UCR Summer Academy

High school students attending Summer Academy. UCR's Summer Academy for Advanced High School Students is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of academics at the university level. Upon admission, students take standard UC Riverside courses during the Summer Session and earn course credit on an official UC transcript. The courses are transferable to many four-year institutes of higher learning, including all UC schools.

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