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Tina Nova

Tina Nova

A Leader in Biotechnology

Alumna Tina Nova '82 has capitalized on her Ph.D. in biochemistry from UCR. For nearly 20 years, she has co-founded three life science companies in the San Diego biotechnology community. She has also served on the boards of other companies and academic institutions.

Nova is currently president, chief executive officer and co-founder of Genoptix, Inc., a provider of personalized medicine services. The company uses new technologies and approaches, made possible in part by advances in genomics, to provide health care tailored to each particular patient. Genoptix' specialized laboratory services provide support to hematologists and oncologists who are diagnosing and treating malignancies of the blood and bone marrow, as well as giving other types of cancer diagnostic and treatment support.

After leaving UCR, Nova led the scientific team of Hybritech, Inc. in developing several widely used diagnostic products, including products for the detection of heart arrythmias and prostate cancer.

In addition to founding one of the top companies in health care today, she co-founded Ligand.

Pharmaceuticals and Nanogen, Inc. Ligand, originally founded to research cancer diagnostic technologies, developed FDA-approved cancer and pain drugs and today is working on small-molecule drugs that interact with hormone-activated cellular receptors. Nanogen makes diagnostic reagents and test kits that detect a variety of infectious diseases, some cancers, and genetic conditions.

Nova has been honored with many awards for her contributions to society, including two Distinguished Alumnus Awards from UCR.

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