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Pamela Clute

Pamela Clute

Spreading the Joy of Mathematics

Pamela Clute, lecturer in education and mathematics and executive director of the Alpha Center at UCR has done the figures — she understands that although 57 percent of college students are women, they are less likely to major in math, science, engineering and technology than their male counterparts.

Clute believes that mathematics is the language of science and technology, and that these subjects dominate the world.

So, she is on a mission: to rejuvenate excitement about mathematics and the possibilities it offers; to spread the word about math and science careers; and to tell elementary and secondary students, and often their parents, about the joys and benefits of studying mathematics and science.

A firm believer in community outreach, Clute has coordinated several programs with local K-12 public school districts through the Academy of Learning through Partnerships for Higher Achievement (ALPHA) Center to improve mathematics and science skills, and to hopefully get more students into college — an ambition of the staff at the ALPHA Center.

One such program is GEMS, or Girls Excelling in Mathematics for Success. This summer program for girls in grades seven and eight focuses on mathematics as it relates to college and to business and is meant to empower girls with knowledge about mathematics, community service and mentoring and supporting one another.

Known in her field as a "mathematics motivator," Clute received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring from the White House and the National Science Foundation for her innovative and visionary approach to math education.

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