UC Riverside

Living the Promise

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Making a Difference Locally and Globally

For more than 50 years, UC Riverside has enriched the economic, social, cultural and environmental outlook for California, this nation and the world by developing green energy solutions, producing insect-resistant crops, creating nanotechnology for military, agricultural and medical applications and by educating tomorrow's physicians, scientists, scholars, engineers and artists.

  • Click the links below to read profiles of a few of our faculty members and featured alumni.
  • Visit the Living the Promise website to learn more about the innovative thinking, breakthrough research and real-world solutions that is coming from UCR.

Come explore the many ways that UC Riverside is living the promise of a better world...

  • Living the Promise: Environment
  • Living the Promise: Health
  • Living the Promise: Education
  • Living the Promise: Technology
  • Living the Promise: Economy
  • Living the Promise: Arts & Culture

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